Organic goat milk, cheese, chicken, ducks... And two donkeys !

The Kerflaveur farm is a small, human-size establishment (60 to 70 goats). Feel free to come watch the milking every morning between 8am and 10am!

A cottage with two beautiful bedrooms built in an old cowshed, with a common area downstairs. For 4 to 5 guests. We also have two ridge tents ready to use if you prefer.

Bring your own tent, come with a van or any kind of RV, either way you'll sleep well in a calm and relaxing environment in the countryside!

Bike rider? Hiker? Or perhaps you love History? We have many places for you to visit and enjoy!

Normandy is not just a stretch of coast and beaches... Even though they are not very far in the end (Sword Beach is only about a 1 hour 10 minutes drive away), there are many things to see and do near the Kerflaveur farm! Lovers of hiking or cycling may have a hard time choosing, as for history enthusiasts, well... There's no need to look very far for traces of the past, whether recent or older!

Here are a few examples of places to visit without having to spend your day on the road...

Carte des lieux à visiter

1. The lake of Rabodanges

Distance from the farm: 10km

This artificial lake, 6km long, offers a supervised beach in July and August. You will encounter ducks, grey herons, grebes, and coots... With a bit of luck, you might even spot an otter! You can also enjoy canoeing, water skiing, fishing... And hiking.

2. The talking and living church of Ménil-Gondouin

Distance from the farm: 8.5km

The work of a lifetime... This church, the result of the labor and passion of Father Victor Paysant, is painted from floor to ceiling - inside AND outside! A multitude of small details await you there, and of course, the story of a life and a majestic work...

3. The castle of Falaise

Distance from the farm: 26km

Don't be fooled by its name, William the Conqueror's castle was built after William's death by one of his sons. Well, at least the first keep, as there are 3 in total... The highlight of the visit is the absolutely striking computer-generated reconstructions that you can view while moving around with a tablet provided to you at the entrance: the 3D view moves with you in each room, as if you were there!

Price: €9.50 for adults, €5 for ages 6-16, free for children under 6. More information on the official website.

4. The Old Saint Aubert

Distance from the farm: 11km

A fan of hiking? Then you will love the abandoned village of the Old Saint-Aubert! Even though almost only the church and a few walls here and there remain (including a superb covered well that has been restored), this 2 - 3 hours walk under the cover of the forest is worth the detour.

The starting point of this hike is at the place called "La Trousserie."

5. The castle of Mesnil Glaise

Distance from the farm: 11km

Perched atop its cliff, this 19th-century castle will make you look up! I recommend going an hour after sunrise, as the play of light on the Orne River is absolutely stunning... The castle itself is unfortunately private property, so you won't be able to visit it, just like the fortified 16th-century farm located not far from there behind the cliff, but you can admire them from the outside. A trail at the foot of the cliff, to the left of the castle when facing it from the parking lot, will take you up there - passing by a pretty little chapel halfway up.

6. Switzerland in Normandy

Distance from the farm: 10km (Lake of Rabodanges) to 40km (Saint Omer)

Watch out for flying machines! For on the heights of this region which looks like Switzerland, there is a glider school and two launch pads... In Saint-Omer exactly, head to the "road of the peaks" ("route des crêtes") and with a bit of luck, you may spot some brave pilots and their machines!

But beware, we are not talking about a single place here, this is a whole region... It's not just the route of the peaks. The Rock of Oëtre (below) is part of it, for example. And the Kerflaveur farm is right on the edge of this breathtaking region! I advise you to prepare your trip and take a whole day - or two, or three...

7. The Rock of Oëtre

Distance from the farm: 23km

Careful, it's a long way down! A rock formation 118m tall that overlooks the gorges of the Rouvre... An ideal - and impressive! - place for hikers. You can go directly to the top of the promontory, or descend to the torrent for a refreshing break... But don't forget, you'll have to climb back up!

8. The Sherman tank in the forest of Écouves

Distance from the farm: 46km

Have you ever seen a World War II tank up close and personal? No? Well, here's your chance!

This one was part of General Leclerc's 2nd Armored Division - yes, the one that rushed to liberate Paris! - and was taken down in '44 in the forest of Écouves, near Alençon. Since then, it has been restored, deactivated, and installed here, at the crossroads of the Croix de Médavy on the D26...

9. Treasure hunting !

Upon arriving at the Kerflaveur farm, you will find a map and instructions... A message left long ago on the wall of a house by its builder awaits you. Will you find it?

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