Organic goat milk, cheese, chicken, ducks... And two donkeys !

The Kerflaveur farm is a small, human-size establishment (60 to 70 goats). Feel free to come watch the milking every morning between 8am and 10am!

A cottage with two beautiful bedrooms built in an old cowshed, with a common area downstairs. For 4 to 5 guests. We also have two ridge tents ready to use if you prefer.

Bring your own tent, come with a van or any kind of RV, either way you'll sleep well in a calm and relaxing environment in the countryside!

Bike rider? Hiker? Or perhaps you love History? We have many places for you to visit and enjoy!

Ker in Breton means "a place where there is life"

Come get some rest in the country side. Here you'll find everything Normandy has to offer : nature, History, fishing... On foot, with a bicycle, a car or a motorbike you'll find plenty of activities for your vacation!

You can choose between our cottage (two beautiful bedrooms built on the first floor of an old barn with a common area downstairs where you'll find tables, seats, sink and cookware, and even a fridge), or our camping space where you'll find two ridge tents with double beds ready to use - unless you'd rather bring your own tent, caravan or any kind of RV!


Milking the goats
Cottage cheese
Nono and Victor
Mama duck and her kids!

The origins of the Kerflaveur farm

silhouettesTo find the roots of the Kerflaveur farm, you need to go... To the casino !
Not in Vegas no, but on the coast of Normandy. For a long time, Jérôme used to work in the casinos in Deauville, as for Estelle, she was training public agents. Their jobs had nothing to do with running a farm!

It is during the summer of 2015 that we bought this old farm which was not in activity anymore, to set up our goat breeding farm, with the idea of breeding a very specific and endangered breed: the ditch goat (chèvre des fossés). We milk our goats only once a day and the baby goats grow up with their mothers.

It is finally in february 2016 that we started producing cheese. Today the farm offers various kinds of goat cheese of course, but also apple juice and cider - we are in Normandy! - seasonal fruits (apples, quinces, nuts, plums) and eggs. All 100% organic of course.

Every morning between 8 and 10am you'll be able to come and watch the goats being milked. Feel free to talk of their activity with Jérôme and Estelle, they love that!
By the entrance, on the other side of the small road, you can meet Nono and Victor... With any luck one of them will come look for a stroke, but the other one will stay back - he's quite stubborn! Do you have any food leftovers? Give them to the geese they'll love it...

We'll be happy to have you so don't wait any longer and contact us to book your week-end or your vacation!

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